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Appcore Update Collection
Hello Appcores, this thread will present a collection of updates, patchs, and bugfixes that occurred in appcore applications. Please follow the installation instructions to update your application. The following list of updates that have been packaged in a zip file is:
  1. Improving the search process by adding functions 'between'
  2. Error session on builtin module groups
  3. Bug uppercase when creating module
  4. Error thumb library image upload
  5. Improve Alpanumeric only on module name
  6. Error module detail data config.
  7. [2015-09-25] Improve Grid Data Formating
  8. [2015-09-27] Fix errors module grid setting
  9. [2015-10-01] Improve Ajax detil data / drilldown 
  10. [2015-10-10] Improve View data
  11. [2016-04-24] Load Data Performance on Grid

how do I install it? very easy, simply copy the files based on a hierarchy of folders contained in the zip file.

Wait for further updates. Enjoy Angel

Attention! if you have been doing customizable code in the included file, perform file backup in advance to avoid loss of customization code.

Attached Files
.zip   Appcore_Update_Path_Bugfix_Collection_20151010.zip (Size: 57.23 KB / Downloads: 13)
.zip   Appcore_Update_Path_Bugfix_Collection_20151018.zip (Size: 60.02 KB / Downloads: 14)
.zip   Appcore_Update_Path_Bugfix_Collection_20160424.zip (Size: 63.87 KB / Downloads: 4)

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