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Request Rules
Please read this rules feature request. The following is a list of rules to make feature requests
  1. use polite words.
  2. any existing features request on this forum will only be done one by one until the finish.
  3. long time working on features is no limit.
  4. the user should not be forcing makers to accelerate progress features.
  5. the admissibility of the features that you ask is our policy.
  6. the user may only ask one feature until the requested features have been completed. If we find users who violate these rules, then the user features that have been received and are being worked on will be canceled.
[Question]: How do we know if the features that we submitted is accepted or rejected, or perhaps being worked Huh  ???

[Answer]: Indication if the features that you submitted has been received and is being done, then the thread that you write will be marked as sticky thread and the title of the thread you created will be added the words '[working]'. Whereas if the features that you submit is rejected, then the title of the thread you created will added the word '[rejected]' and the thread will be locked.

Enjoy  Angel

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