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Custom button action on list data page
hello, this time I want to share knowledge of how to customize action buttons that are on the list of data pages. See image below:
[Image: custombutton.png]

there appears there are two new buttons , namely cc and print , here's how to add a costume button.

1. First update helper file that I include in this forum. If there are changes that you have made on the file, please backed up first.
2. Extract zip file and put the file on the location: your_root_folder/application/helpers/
3. on the file view (list.php) around the line to add the 190 to 130 lines of code like this example :

PHP Code:
(isset($l->{$primaryKey})) {
       $uriView    = isset($viewUrl) ? "{$viewUrl}/{$l->$primaryKey}"#";
       $uriEdit    "{$editUrl}/{$l->$primaryKey}/{$offset}";
       $uriDel     "{$delUrl}/{$l->$primaryKey}/{$offset}";

       //create this custom button
       $btns['customBtn'] = array(
               'position' => 'behind',
               'template' => "<a target='_blank' href='http://www.google.co.id' class='btn btn-success btn-sm bs-tooltip' title='Print Invoice'><i class='fa fa-print'></i></a>"
               'position' => 'front',
               'template' => "<a href='javascript:void(0);' class='btn btn-success btn-sm bs-tooltip'><i class='fa fa-cc'></i></a>"

       //add $btns variabel on 4th domCrudActionButton() function
       echo domCrudActionButton($uriView$uriEdit$uriDel$btns);
   } else { ?>
        <i class="fa fa-warning font-size10"></i> <?php echo(Translator::__('Missing PK')); ?>

what options can be used in array ?
1. position
This option will put the key at the position in front or behind, the value of which can be used in this option is the 'front ' or ' behind '

2. templates
template is the html tag you want to use to create the button, in the example here I use a tag.

ok, see u on the next custom tutorial.

Attached Files
.zip   hdom_helper.zip (Size: 5.42 KB / Downloads: 11)
Can i watch my custom button but only for a specific module??
(05-09-2016, 05:24 PM)Domidius Wrote: Can i watch my custom button but only for a specific module??

Hello Domidius,

of course you can do it, but the first thing you should do is to separate the first view of the module you want to customize a button, and then you add a button to the view that you have separated earlier. How do I separate view on the customization module please see this video guide:

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