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Superuser(GM) Account Guides
Appcore is equipped with one superuser is not written in the database , the user is commonly referred to as GM . This user has full access rights to applications. Note for developers, there are some settings that must be known by the developer to configure this superuser account . This superuser configuration file can be found in the application/config/gm.php. The settings for this account are as follows:

PHP Code:
//This config contains data about the superuser account, such as username for login, password, group and others. 
//For the password will be discussed later.
$config['gm'] = array()

//This config contains information superuser group.
$config['gm_group'] = array()

//This config contains the names of the module, 
//ie the names of any modules that can only be seen by the superuser account only. 
//For example, when you select the module name when you create the configuration data searches.
$config['gm_modules'] = array()

//This config contains the names of the tables, 
//the table names which are only visible to the superuser account only. 
//For example, when you choose the name of the table at the time you create a new module.
$config['gm_tables'] = array() 

For example, you can immediately see the config fileto change the superuser password you can see in this tutorial : Change GM Password

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